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Trading on Chart Structures – training

13 maart 2019 0

Chart Structures offer you a unique and unbiased view on price movement. Just you and the charts. No indicators, no super-duper systems, no fuzz. This visual training on Chart Structures teaches you how to read a chart. It shows you the story of price and what’s to come.

Chart Structures draw the trend and where price will probably go. They tell the story of supply and demand. By combining Chart Structures with Price Comfort Zones, Harmonic Price Levels, Waves, Candlestick Shapes and Volume, you master the charts.

Personal strategy

After that, you develop your trading style. What Forex Marketeers like to call strategy. You probably already found out that a strategy is not a set of rules you can blindly follow to make big profits. A strategy or method is very personal.

The training Trading on Chart Structures gives you the tools and knowledge to develop your strategy.

This is it!

This is it and this is all. A training like no other, but not for the lazy or gullible people. Are you looking for a MacDonalds strategy? Are you looking for a fast profit? Do you believe that a tool can help you make money? Go see a magician; they also offer beautiful ilusions.

Do you believe in predictions of candlestick patterns, do you believe in so called harmonic patterns (the colourful triangles), calculated indicators and more? Go read Harry Potter. All those magical tools are inventions for marketing, not for profitable trading.

Is this for you?

This one-off training does not start with explaining what a Japanese Candlestick is, or where to click in the trading software. You can find info on such topics everywhere. There are few requisits to follow this training, basic knowledge of Forex and software is one of them. Curiosity and self-dependendcy are also a bare necessity for profittable trading.

Tips for preparation:

Can anyone become a profitable trader? No. It requires the right combination of intelligence, self-control, self-discipline and a bit of logical thinking.

But let’s be honest: if during this course you find out that Forex Trading is not your cup of tea, you have saved yourself a lot of money and you have set your mind free to move on to adventures that do suit your personality.


  1. Why you and i are here in this training
  2. First and last words on illusions
  3. Software, Charts, Tools & Brokers
  4. The Trading Log
  5. When & where to trade, instruments & chart speed
  6. Drawing your own indicator

Practice makes perfect: assignments & logs

  1. Trend, Range, Channel
  2. Harmonic Price Levels & Fibonacci
  3. Reversal vs. Retracement
  4. Candlestick Formations
  5. Volume

Practice makes perfect: assignments & logs

  1. Trading style: getting in and out
  2. The process for a good trade
  3. Building your own strategy
  4. The voyage towards pro trading


The training is offered as a set of video’s. Next to these you can ask questions in the comment sections. Answers always follow rapidly. We also have webinars on a regular basis. All trainees will be invited and can attend the webinars free of charge.

When, where,  costs?

Nearly there…